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Moon Rain Centre is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to integrating creativity and harmony in the community through the creation, exhibition and teaching of tapestry weaving and textile arts. The name Moon Rain refers to the mystical connection between the moon, weaving and the cosmos. Located in the Gatineau Hills, in the Outaouais region of Quebec, Canada, Moon Rain is known for its unique approach to creative tapestry weaving. The Vision of Moon Rain is to share the beauty and mystery of Weave

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Chalice

The “Chalice” tapestry was commissioned for Michele Couzens-Eason of Kent, England in celebration of her 50th birthday.


The tapestry represents Glastonbury Tor, one of Michele’s favourite places.There are many legends of the Tor: some suggest it may have been an ancient Druid sacred site in England, and is thought to have been the location of Avalon in Arthurian times. One thing is certain - it is a place of powerful energies


I depicted energy spiraling around the Tor and then coming up out of the Tor. Portraying the Tor energies seemed quite natural, since both Michele and her husband Paul Eason are Reiki practitioners who do healing energy work. When I came close to finishing the weaving of the tapestry, I noticed that a chalice shape had appeared almost like an aura containing and surrounding the energy lines, which is how the tapestry’s name came to be. The tapestry is 2’ wide by 3’ high, and was woven in the studio at Moon Rain Centre in the spring of 2010.

-Thoma Ewen


The Chalice (2010)

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