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Moon Rain Centre is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to integrating creativity and harmony in the community through the creation, exhibition and teaching of tapestry weaving and textile arts. The name Moon Rain refers to the mystical connection between the moon, weaving and the cosmos. Located in the Gatineau Hills, in the Outaouais region of Quebec, Canada, Moon Rain is known for its unique approach to creative tapestry weaving. The Vision of Moon Rain is to share the beauty and mystery of Weave

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Site 11

When Thirteen Moons Entwine
International textile arts event in the outaouais
Aug 15 to Oct 10, 2010


Jeanne Valliancourt (CANADA)

Hannah Ranger (QUEBEC)


The Immediate response to an exploration of lunar cycles for me is tied into my passionate interest in the native American tradition of the moon lodge. -Hannah Ranger

Le sang des lunes, soeur de sang, le lien qui nous unit, les 2 artistes, se reflete dans l"installation-Jeanne Vallancourt

Photos by Joanne de Nobriga, Joanne de Nobriga, Margit Hideg, Margit Hideg

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